Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Some Origami Owls. So Long, Mustang Sally!

DSC_9341 DSC_9360 I can’t remember the last time I folded up an owl….But I have found a couple of designs that I like.    Check them out.  Included in the pics are a bear and a penguin.   Just thought I would have some fun folding up some old designs.



MustangSally In the mean time,  I guess the neighbor is moving out today.   She has been here about 4 months and is already giving up on the place.   Must be nice to have somewhere else to move to.  I’m not sure if we will miss her or not.  We don’t even know her name!    Therefore, we have labeled her ‘Mustang Sally”   Because she drives not one…but TWO Ford Mustangs!   I don’t know the story behind having two of the same car….I guess it must not be that unusual as we were driving around two Subaru Legacies at one time. If you like the car….Why not have two?3e1f016233c6fd2a39df4b4506f89218    She lives alone (when her boyfriend is not over)  And only drives one of the cars back and forth to work.    The Boyfriend”" has a Hummer with all the trimmings,  So I’m guessing he must have a pretty good job.  I’m not sure if they will share the “other car” .   Sounds like an automotive “love triangle”! 

My guess is that she will be moving in with him.   It’s the only logical conclusion really.   If he can afford a Hummer…and she can afford 2 Mustangs….then they probably do not need to live here in Wellman.  

I say that the jury is still out whether we will miss her or not…that will depend who moves in after she leaves.   Cheryl is most certainly not going to miss her booming television.   My wish is that the next tenant is quiet and never home.   We shall see.

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