Friday, March 13, 2015

Origami Africa…..with a hidden cat.

DSC_9095 A request from a customer has given me a little direction on my latest origami.   They liked the Doberman so much they put in a request for an elephant and a lion.   Luckily, these are items I have folded before.   Nevertheless,  I still folded up a couple of prototypes to see which size and style I liked best.   And here they are! DSC_9093  

The lion was folded out of a 12 inch equilateral triangle.  The elephant folded out of 20 inch paper..I think they turned out pretty good  and even to scale.  Now the final test is to see if the client likes them as well.   We shall see. 

DSC_9040 I Also have been working on a beetle made from Tissue paper and glassine.   I have to make the paper, so it is a rather messy process.  However, this paper seems to be working out for the more complicated origami.   Better than foil in that you can reverse a crease.   Stronger as well.  I’ll have to see if I can make the paper better and ultimately see if I can fold some other complicated models.  DSC_9043


As for us.  The weather has been rather nice lately.   We totally skilled spring and are heading into summer apparently.    The temps range in the 60’s now and drop to the 50’s,  Totally bypassing the upper30’s and 40’s!    coldweatherhikingclothing-1024x723This has caused Cheryl to experience a bit of overheating as we both struggle to figure out how we should strategize  our wardrobe Is it too early for shorts and T-shirt?  Will it warm up in mid run?  Do we down dress half way though?   Hopefully things will even out and stabilize so we can hatch a plan.


DSC_9052 In addition to working on my book,   I have to deal with distractions such as a car blinker that was about to short out.   And cats…..  Hiro always seems to have something up his sleeve..( paw?)  DSC_9055 And every now and then,  he sets up a great Photo Op.  Now, you may thing that “every cat does this”  But our cats are strange in that they do not typically do the “cute” things that YouTube is famous for.   So when they actually behave like a cat….well,  we just have to catalog that behavior.  

20140530_125303_zpsocwwvshm As for the Subie?   We had a wonderful moment today because the turn signal “ticker” was stuck ON.   The turn lights continued to work, and would go OFF when you completed the turn…but the annoying “TICK TICK TICK” would not stop.   I thought it was a short.( and ultimately…it was!)  But the fuses all checked out and the turn signals worked fine.   I decided it was ok to drive to Iowa City and back…But researching the cause on Bing showed that the grease used for lubrication on the signal assembly gets hot and drips down on parts it is not meant to come into contact with.   20140530_130233_zpss7ws8zfk This causes a short…and over time may cause an electrical fire.  Luckily for me,  I caught it in time and the guy who also had this happen, was cool enough to have a picture “how to” that showed how to take out the assembly and clean it up.    5 easy screws later and a few  Q-tips and the problem was solved.   I’m very proud of my self as I did not have to take it to a mechanic or ask Andy the Subie In-Law for his diagnosis.    Thank Goodness for Subaru Forums out there.  Thank you Subaru Community!  He also made a video!

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