Monday, March 30, 2015

Latest Origami, And the Count Down Begins

DSC_9424 Cheryl's Half marathon is less than a week away.    The Lincoln Run takes place in Downtown Springfield, Illinois.  We are very excited!   She missed her previous record for 13 miles last Saturday by a mere 2 seconds!  I told her those cars we were forced to wait for would slow her down.  Ah well,,,What are you going to do?   Can’t win an argument with a moving vehicle as a pedestrian. 

So for the rest of the week we are in “taper mode”  meaning that we are slowly reducing our ( her) training so she will be at the best physical condition on run day.  Basically we are trying not to do anything crazy to run the fun of the race.   Cheryl’s goals for the race:   Get picture with Abe Lincoln.IMG_2459   That is all.  I guess she might,  weather permitting,  try to beat her time for similar distances.   And I guess if she could maintain her highest pace… is Possible that she could win an award for her age group again….even though the competition is more fierce for this one.  We shall see how things go.  

428px-SAT_Logo_svg In other news,   We received a welcome Email for the SAT project coming up.   YEAH!   Now all we need is for Pearson to send us a welcome Email as well.   Cheryl is supposed to get one sometime this week.   At least she received a payment set up….so we are taking that as a good sign.

 DSC_9407 Other than that,   I have been folding.  I fold lots of things, but rarely list them all. DSC_9402 However, I do have a few pictures that are worthy of the blog.   People don’t pay money for the blog so it is all good.  And since very few people ever READ this blog,  I’m assured that unsightly origami will not go viral. 

So enjoy the origami….Unicorns monkeys and owls.   I was quite happy with the monkey and may have to fold another one for the shop…we shall see. 

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