Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Review....Running, Biking, Scoring, and Stockings....Mostly Running Though...

That is correct!  It is hard to believe that the entire year just flew by like that.  ( Or it?) It seems like only yesterday that Cheryl and I traveled to Minnesota and ran the Polar Dash.  Cheryl then managed to run at least one run every month until that darn Turkey Trot.  Looks like December will be the only month without a run to brag about.  We were forced to skip out on the Jingle run and looks like the 2016 Yeti Polar Dash....Ah well,  better to take the time to get healed than re-run a run you already ran...right?...(Run, run run ran run!)
Here's to looking back.   A few of the many many photos:

Polar Dash 5K
Ground Hog Run 10K
Run for Chocolate 5 K
Lucky Run 10K
Lucky Run 1st Place Female Age Group
Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon First Half Marathon
Lincoln Half Marathon, First 13.1 Run Completed
Red Shoe Half Marathon
Run To Home 5K

Grandma's Marathon
Red, White, and Boom Half  Marathon
Bix 7 Mile

Glow Run 5K
Glow Run Winner Overall Female
Madison Half  Marathon
Omaha Half  Marathon
Twin Cities Marathon.  Boston Qualifier!

Des Moines Half Marathon
Turkey Trot 10 K.   Last Race of the year....2nd Place Female Age group

From such Humble beginnings,  we managed to travel to 7 states and run a bunch or races,  Taking pictures of Mascots along the way.  If you managed to page down this far,  I have to mention that I really hate the format Blogger has for their postings.   I really miss my Windows Live Writer.   With that, I could simply put things in a folder and be done with it.  Ah well.  At least I get to post the Pictures in Super size this time.

Meb!   Our Fist celebrity Runner!

President Lincoln...Our First...President picture?

There was also Scoring and Subaru hiccups,  Kitchen and bathroom plumbing problems, Novel writing,  Kite Flying, and lots of Custom Dog Christmas Stockings....I think it was a pretty good year over all.

Oh!  Before I go for the year,  I should mention that we both went to the Pool today and tried to eek out one last bit of exercise before the ball drops.  I have to mention that it has been over 20 years since I swam in pool where you could swim laps.   I thought swimming freestyle would be like riding a bike.....( that you don't forget it, not similar in action)  Truth is...It is actually something you can get out of practice!   I managed to do the back stroke, side stroke, and T stroke.   But Freestyle requires you to stagger your Breathing, and I have to re-learn the technique.
Cheryl, on the other hand, discovered a Runners Water Belt that allows you to "run" in the water   It keeps you afloat so you can do the running action without sinking like a rock.   She had a much easier time doing that at the pool than before.

So...for 2016...I would like to re-familiarize myself with swimming,   Continue to Bike and chase Cheryl with a Camera on her runs,   And...most importantly:   Finish my novel.....If I'm lucky,   perhaps even get to work on my second one.  ( not sure which one I should tackle next.)   And all the usual ones:   Try to be a better person,  lose some weight,  get in shape,  eat better,  and never lose money.  I wanted to throw in becoming a Ninja, but that probably would interfere with my Professional Video Gamer.    Hope everyone has a Happy New Year 2016!  YEAH!

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