Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Is It Tuesday Already?

Where, oh where does the time go?  When I was a kid,  time seemed to move in slow motion....but now as an adult.... It behaves more like water in my hand.   How does this happen.

I ask these deep philosophical questions because I have not blogged in a few days.   Nothing exciting or "blog worthy" has happened lately, but that does not mean the trifles of life have not been engaged.  So lets begin with the small stuff...

Both of our projects have ended,   For me:  SAT and CAASPP are finally over.  ( California Assessment And Scholastic Performance or something...)    And for Cheryl:   Collegeboard and ACT.   However,  tomorrow we begin the Collegeboard field test in Iowa City.    So we will be forced to wake up early,  dress appropriately, pay attention, and socialize with our misfit peers.  ( we are ALL misfits in scoring....they are our people).   The hours of this project have been significantly reduced from last year.  If we are lucky, ( or unlucky...depending on how you look at things) we may only be asked to work three -four days each week.  We may have to rely on additional Pearson or ETS gigs to make it through.

Add in that Cheryl has a race this weekend,  ( Dam to Dam in Des Moines Saturday) and Grandma's Marathon around the corner....so things may begin to get exciting once again.   We shall see.

In the mean time,  I'll see if I can keep plotting along on the blog.   because everyone wants to know about my life....especially ME.   I'm my own biggest fan, after all.   I find myself hilarious when I reread older posts.   ( I also find many of those posts depressing...pretty much all of 2008-9.)  Ah well,   "The path less traveled" and all of that nonsense.    Wish us Luck!

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Bessie M. Wells said...

I think that time is one of the most important things in our life, it goes very fast, we need to appreciate every minute and spend it with benefits and pleasure.


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