Monday, August 25, 2008

Great Weekend!

Well, I don't know if the Olympics had anything to do with the slump in sales but this weekend proved most profitable. 7 seats sold! and several books to put some icing on the cake. Now, It is true that 7 sales is usually not that great for a weekend if we are talking winter months. During Christmas we can get an entire month averaging seven sales a day! But this is summer and sales usually trickle in at a slower pace. Some more good news was that I was able to replace my broken dremel with a new one! It's a model 300 which means that It has an adjustable speed control built in. Redundant in my case since I have a foot pedal. But is was cheaper than the 100 because someone had opened the box and apparently forgot to stuff all the "extras" back in. So it was a win win win for me . I got a more expensive Cadillac version of a tool for a about half the price. Proving that all those extras ( carrying case, unnecessary bits, flap wheels, etc. are all there to jack up the price. Well, not really if you're a first time buyer. But all I needed was the actually tool and nothing else. So I took it for a spin ( no pun intended) today and it performed as well as the 100 model in my opinion. Which is great. A couple other things to note is that it did have a nice comfort grip. I was impressed though, again, This is not a feature I will take advantage of since I use a flex shaft attachment.

The seats have a recurring theme as of late. They have all been similar and traditional to the old ones. that is rustic bear, moose, deer. Also palm tree has gotten a lot of hits ( I think we have sold 4 since I started this blog. Maybe folks are trending back to the traditional seats that go with their bathroom decor and shower curtain. The good news is that I have a lot of design from a year and a half ago. Rustics were very popular then but last year African animals and Tropical birds seemed to be In style. I took a quick snap shot of some sitting on my workbench before giving them to my "employee" for wrapping. (Just kidding, She's my wife wrapping up the orders. )

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