Saturday, August 23, 2008

A slow trickle?

Well the weekend is upon us and We managed to sell two seats today. One we were expecting, but the other was a complete and welcome surprise. The bad news is that the brushes in my "newest" dremel tool are shot and had to be replaced today. When I took the tool apart to fix it I could see why the brushes wore out rather quickly this time, ( I had just changed them probably less than 4 weeks ago) It seems that you should change them out after 40 -60 hours of use. If this is the case, I should be changing them out every one to two weeks! ( Yes! I carve that much!) But since I have other things on my mind that usually does not concern routine tool maintenance, I simply wait for the tool to stop working before I crack it open, clean it up and replace the motor brushes. Well, I have discovered why the manufacturer recommends you replace them before this happens. It appears that the metal on metal contact has wore away the copper connections to form a nice groove. The replacement brushes are not made for this and are wearing away prematurely. So basically I replaced the brushes and got it working again, but the entire tool will now have to be replaced. The bright side is I like buying new tools ( who doesn't ?) I will probably save this one for spare parts. I'm one of those guys that hates throwing stuff away because it might prove handy in some future day. luckily brushes are cheap and my local hardware store carries the ones I need.

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