Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympics over???!

Could it be that the Olympics were having an adverse effect on our sales? Maybe, All I know is that no one has visited ebay, etsy, or our website in almost two weeks! We sold three today however. So maybe the trickle is over and things will pick up. We need money and have bills to pay like everyone else. The seats are repeats so I just thought I would show this one off because I like it so. On another note, I took the old dremel out for a whirl carving the three seats from yesterday. As I figured, It's pretty much toast! There was no power and the sound lacked the same high pitched whine that my ears have so lovingly been deafened by. ( I do wear earplugs) I'm gonna miss that one and I hope I can get another simple single speed from Menards. Dremel has been phasing out there workhorses over the last few years for the very fancy smancy bells and whistles that are of no use to people like me. But they manage to get the price up from around $30 to about $70! I commend any sales strategy that lowers your bottom line and grows your profit. That is what business is all about! But I hate paying way too much for all the extra bits and gizmo's that I have no use for. I'd rather save the 40 bucks and buy the bits and accessories that I really need ( I mean, Really, Who needs all those cutting wheels? Who polishes brass rings with the little buffers? ) And that big ugly plastic carrying case. I throw them away as soon as I get them. you can never get your tool back in there after you pull it out and all the bits constantly fall out and all over the place. Don't get me wrong, I love Dremel, The have the best rotary tool that I have found so far for the best price. But I don't need to buy a new car every time the alternator burns out!

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