Sunday, August 31, 2008

I carved up the seat tonight and we sold another one that we happened to have in the shop already carved up. There is more good news. We managed to have a miracle bestowed upon us in the form of a customer who ordered the wrong size seat deciding to keep it and pay for a new one! This is a miracle for several reasons. one People either return the wrong seat and usually want us to pay for their mistake. Two: They usually want a refund or want us to replace the seat with the correct size for free. even thought the elongated sizes cost us more. Three, we usually pay to have the seat shipped back to them at our cost. sucking up any profit we might have gained from dealing with these people. The lady who purchased this seat was a first in every way. not only did she choose to keep the seat, she offered to pay full price for the more expensive elongated one. very nice. Good customers are very hard to find and they are very valued by us. Sometimes you have to run a business before you realize how difficult it is to come up with a fair price and fair customer service. So a "thank you!" goes out to our customer and the Almighty that helped us in the difficult month.

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