Friday, August 29, 2008

Two days no sales

Well it has been two days since our last sale and as usual we have to fight the overwhelming depression that eventually sinks in. Yesterday we ordered some more soap supplies and inspected our supplies that came the day before. We still required a mold, ( for the setting up of the soap and the cutting size) and a scale. Today we found one that as affordable and able to hold over 11lbs. Other than that , I took another stab at carving up some jewelry. Cheryl had a book with vintage pictures and I found one that I though would translate well into wood. It only took a couple hours and I attempted a couple others also but they had problems. ( my "turtle" was too large for the wood and my "dragon" started to crack.) I am happy with the fish though even if it does not look exactly like the one in the book. Cheryl likes it also and thinks we should make a mold of it for future resin jewelry. We'll have to see.

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