Friday, June 18, 2010

And now to find a home for some guns...

Shotguns mostly! I have had them a while and many were presents over the years, but I just simply do not go hunting anymore. I don't even have a place to go target shooting for fun! So with money tight and the inevitable move fast approaching, I have decided to see if I can sell them for gas, food and lodging money to help the trek along. This is kind of a big deal as a former member of the NRA. Charlton Heston would probably roll over in his grave to hear it! But in the end I would rather sell my guns as I deal fit rather than have the Government take them from me because they are thought to be "A Danger to myself and others". So now the trick is finding a place to sell them so they can start a new life over in the hands of a young and upcoming hunter or trap shooter. They are pretty good guns and still have lots of use left in them. I have been calling around to see if I can find a dealer in new and used firearms...but so far no takers. I don't want to just give them away, so it will be a challenge. Wish me luck!

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diy said...

All the best in your sale of your guns, and of course any other projects.


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