Thursday, June 24, 2010

Antlers SOLD! But not quite...

Well, We were all excited about selling the antlers. They were not as much as we had hoped, but they did fetch a nice price and we were happy....until. When we took them to the UPS store, Cheryl has a ball park figure for size and weight that they would ship in the lower 48 states for $75. Then we took them to the store and that ball park figure got hit OUT OF THE BALL PARK AND OUT OF THE COUNTY! That is right...try $450.00! Well now we are faced with a really bad situation. We simply can't pay that much to ship them. Not only is it more than half of the total gain, but if there is even the slightest problem...we could lose all that shipping money at a time when we can least afford it ( and really, when is a GOOD time to lose $450.00?) and refund all the winners money. Now you might be saying that the chance of anything happening is very slim. Well we made our living on Ebay for 6 years and this is EXACTLY the time when things go wrong. So in the end, the headache is just too big and Cheryl is refunding the money as I'm writing this. ( we are once again at the library...) So now we are back at square one with the antlers back in our possession, instead of a nice chunk of traveling change. I was planning on this post being a "can you believe we shipped this?" post instead of a "Psyche!" one. Hopefully things will look rosy after this weekend.


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