Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Only three Left!

That is right there are only three episodes left! Check them out at Funimation! In other news, Cheryl and I took another trip to Iowa to check out some housing leads. It was enlightening! You see, the job we have is in Iowa City and the place we were looking at was in Davenport, Iowa. ( a Bit of a commute) So we thought that it might be better if we got a hotel room for a week or two and look for something a little closer. Cheryl is as eager as I to get there and get settled, but we still have a last MOVING sale to get ready for and hopefully raise a little more cash. I also have to find some type of storage for the rest of the unsold stuff. It will be difficult to move when there is no place to move to! It may be a while till my next post! I'm currently at the library as our computer is "down" . I'm not sure when I will next get a chance to post something. ( I'm thinking a lap top might be in our future!)

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