Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crazy weekend Stockings!

So Cheryl and I decided we would try to break our previous record and do as many stockings as we could in one day. The next day we decided to break that record. As a result, our stocking wall is overflowing! The good news is that it is almost entirely bare once again. And once again we are trying to fill it back up with orders! ( take note of the stack that would not fit on the wall! ) The sales seem to be tapering off now that we are getting closer to Christmas and people are panicking because they might not get the stockings in time. At our current pace, We can easily meet the demand. However that means that there are some very sleepless nights for us both. I guess you can always rest when you're dead....or after Christmas. Yeah! I like that Idea better! As for me, I'm back to the late night re listing to spur on the sales. Wish us luck that we can get every sale we can in the next couple of weeks!

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