Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!

So! What do you say about the best Christmas ever! ( ok, at least the best one in recent memory). Remember how back in June how we sold all of our stuff to move to Iowa? Well, we got it all back...or at least most of it. And the best part is that it is all NEW! IT is true we did not have a tree this year, nor did we wrap any packages. I just went around and put a big red bow on all the stuff that Stockings were able to buy for us. Our Kitchen with the tables, stools, shelves, and all the stuff on it ( except the fish) Popcorn popper, and cutting board. For the holidays we made cookies! Then in the living room, we bought a new TV, TV stand, coffee table, lamps, and sofa! Basically everything in the living room is new ( except the cats) then the bed room. I'm not sure if I posted any pictures of us sleeping on the floor ( it was kind of depressing and embarrassing at the same time) but now we have a bed, dresser, nightstands, and new lamps. Even the book shelves are new! It's funny how you really appreciate stuff when you don't have a nightstand for your lamp or a bookshelf for your Manga collection. Anyway, we were very blessed this Christmas in many ways and not just the stuff. I normally don't like getting too spiritual, but God was guiding us along this narrow path all the way and has given us back everything we lost and then some! I'm not sure if many people will ever understand the uncertainty of what we were doing or where we were going. And you would have to be pretty self centered to think that you were in control the entire time. But enough of that, Let's just say we had a wonderful and bountiful Christmas and we hope that everyone who is reading this blog had the same. Merry Christmas everyone! And Lets all look forward to a wonderful new year!

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