Sunday, December 5, 2010

So The Great Ethan Allen can't use Scissors!

Apparently, I never learned how to use my scissors in Kindergarten! Cheryl says that I can't help her cut out shapes. Case in point: My penguin. OK it might be true that they seem to not make scissors for men anymore. However, I still can use them, although it is not without it's cost. I have a hot spot on my iAdd Imagendex finger by the first and second knuckle. But not matter! I'm here to help not complain! However, Cheryl says my penguins look like Belzenef the curse doll ( an Ouron Host club reference) If you have never watched Oron host club....( you should..It's hilarious!) Then you can see it on the and see the similarities of the Curse doll. I don't know I think that my penguin looks OK, maybe a little rough around the edges. You be the judge! Regardless, Cheryl says I am off shape cutting detail. So I am stuck with relisting, packaging, question answering, pinning, and cutting out the stockings. ( Sometimes I even get the chance to use the seam ripper!)

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