Friday, December 3, 2010

If you think we sew stockings.... Think again!

Cheryl has informed me that the last couple of posts might lead certain family members into thinking we started that CRAZY thing called a business again. Well it's not true. Nope! NOt at all! Do you really think we would start that over after being forced to find jobs and move to Iowa? I mean...What CRAZY person would start that insanity again? So...if you are looking at the pics and reading the blog with regularity and are under the assumption that we are making our whole living exclusively on Etsy ...AGAIN ( and are a family member) . Well it's just not true...Really! We learned our lesson and are not going to try anything exactly like that again. Just wanted to post that.. Oh! The pictures? They were all staged with props and blue screened in for a prep -ier intro.

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