Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Totally Awesome and new Anime from Funimation

Every now and then someone comes up with a stroke of genius and makes an Anime for the thinking man. ( OK, Manga for those snobs that know the difference and feel they must point it out...) The anime (or manga for the readers) is Hetalia! It is unlike most mangas I have read or animes that I have watched. It is made up of short little episodes that storyboard out moments in History with a little stereotype humor thrown in. It is AWESOME! And a delight for those of us addicted to the history channel on cable TV. I find it funny that in the comments, People are afraid they might have offended someone while making/recording for their part. If Hetalia offends you, you are poorly educated in history or you are just one of those people who looks to be offended. The creator of this story really must have done their homework. If you want an idea of what it is like, Each character is a personification of the stereotype citizen of their country. That is: German is gruff, load, commanding, hot headed but has a soft side and takes care of Italy. Italy would rather draw and eat pasta than make war. Britain has bad food, and uses black magic in their war efforts. ( it never works though, Harry Potter) And America is loud, overconfident, and shoves down burgers and pop while trying to talk. He also can't find Japan on a map! There is much more but I can't blog about every little detail. Just watch the first several episodes and you will see ( don't worry, they are short!) See them on . They do a great job writing the jokes as well as dubbing the voices. Enjoy!

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