Thursday, September 1, 2011

And Now....Christmas Wreaths!...or: How to Build a Door for under $5!

So now Cheryl wanted some background for the Wreaths. Our own door is do you say...BAD. It is dated and dirty and every time she takes a picture of the wreaths on it, the light outside messes up the color. The Answer: Build a better door. Now we could have just taped up a clean sheet of white paper on the wall, but that does not look 'door like'. So .. Eth the Origami artist to the rescue! I folded a simple panel door just big enough to give the background shadow to the wreath. It was not complicated, but fairly effective. Cheryl likes it...and that is the main thing. After all she IS the biggest Critic of her pictures. In other news, Cheryl already has a HUGE order for over 160 stockings for some gallery. We sold the stockings to them last year and they were hot! This year they have placed their order well in advance and ordered more than double last years. So Now we are faced with the difficult task to get those orders sewed up and ready by November 1. Hopefully we will be able to limp along and sew as we to say...As for me...I'm still in charge of lighting and blogging. Perhaps I'll be able to talk to a customer....someday. Then the big bucks will come rolling in!

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