Monday, April 8, 2013

Caribou at the Caribou…Coffee and Origami

DSC_5855Perhaps because I have been folding various deer, or could it be because we discovered Caribou Coffee?  Whatever the reason, I somehow got it I my brain to fold up and give away a caribou at our local coffee house.  We used to be Panera regulars, however, this small coffee house is much more quiet than Panera.  Probably because of the lack of “stroller friendly”  space, DSC_5850Or the lack of Organic Mac and Cheese that keeps the people with irritable children away.  Last time I checked, there were no signs that said “NO PETS OR CHILDREN ALLOWED!”   There are many people there with a “college vibe” to them.   You know: laptop, flip flops, back packs.  Whatever the crowd, it seems like a nice place to enjoy a coffee in peace and quiet. DSC_5852 

And so we found a place to put the caribou.  Well I actually folded up a couple.   One was larger and similar to a prototype I folded a few weeks ago.  This one turned out a little better with hooves and a beard.  I also put wires in the legs to help with stability.  In the end, I thought it turned out pretty good, and looked pretty cool on the fireplace. 

The smaller one I put next to our table.  It was wet folded out of cardstock paper.  DSC_5856 So there was no need to strengthen the legs.  I really like this design lately and have been working on a small booklet to map out the folding process.  It is still a ways awayDSC_5861 from being up and running, but I scanned the last of the drawings in my computer today and will see if I can get Microsoft Notebook to work for me.  hopefully I will not spend all my time learning the program and will instead be able to put the project together….we shall see!

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