Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day two….at the Caribou.

Out of the blue, Cheryl decided to take a break from writing her book and wanted to head out for coffee.DSC_5851  DSC_5854No small feat mind you, because the caribou is in Corralville and about 25 miles away!   But, I have been known to travel to the ends of the earth ( or Iowa…which is technically the end of the earth!)  for coffee…so I relented.  Besides I was interested in seeing how my caribou origami faired over the last 24 hour period. 

Well,  Shocker!   They were still there!  So I concluded that no one noticed them on the fireplace.  Or they thought that they were actually part of the store décor.  Either way,  they remain and we enjoyed another cup of coffee.  I thought that I would post better pictures of the caribou that I took here at home.  So here they are!   Hope everyone is having a great week so far. 

There is a flood warning here in Iowa around the rivers and streams.  I guess it is suppose to rain over the next several days,  bringing cooler weather and possibly snow.   YEAH!   I was not a fan of jumping from 30 degree to 75 degree weather yesterday, but now it is going to jump back down… Hooray Iowa!   Whatever the wind blows at you,  that’s what you get.

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L. D. said...

He looks good on the mantle. That is an impressive fold job on the one you are showing. There a new Caribou coffee place in Des Moines in a new strip mall I think in West Des Moines.


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