Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An Evening in St Louis…

DSC_5640DSC_5643DSC_5637Cheryl has been wanting to do this for some time.   Ever since she read an article in one of her magazines.   That is:  Head to St Louis and dine at the restaurant at the top of one of the Hilton Towers.  We wanted a view of the Arch, but got the stadium /city view instead.  

It was fun!   Although it is always tough to totally relax when you are slightly out of your comfort zone.  But you will never grow if you do not attempt new things not and then.  Right?

I did not get very good pictures of the cool room we stayed in,  or the other parts of the restaurant and hotel.  They are rather boring in retrospect, but they were stunning to experience in real life.   As most things are in life, Pictures do not do them the service that actually experiencing them does. 
I did manage to get a pretty good pic of the arch this morning as we ate breakfast.  It was cooler in the evening wit the sun reflecting off of the finish.DSC_5674  DSC_5658
After we checked out,  We decided to head to the local butterfly garden.  It has been a while since we enjoyed a butterfly garden, such as the Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI.  So this was going to be a treat.  Mostly we were looking for the Malachite butterfly.  And we found one,  although he did not want to take flight or open up.DSC_5769 NMS_5680
I didn’t even this, but apparently, I’m a donor to the place!  With my name on a brick and everything! 
This place was a 100% butterfly designated greenhouse.   Unlike Fredrick Meijer,  whose butterflies are seasonal,   there are butterflies flying here all the time.  Even so, they just finished March  Morpho Madness, leaving 2000 extra Blue Morpho butterflies totally stealing the stage! 

If a picture is worth 1000 words,  a video should be worth 1000 pictures, right?  Well I edited this one down from the 10 minutes total of video I shot.   Hopefully you will not find it too boring and grainy .   I just wanted to capture the mood of the place with all those Blue Morphos flying around.  Enjoy!    

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