Friday, April 26, 2013

Origami T-Rex anyone?

  So I received a request from someone on Etsy for a Origami T-Rex.  This is very exciting!   I had not yet folded any of the dinosaur models out of cardstock.   I have several designs of Origami T-Rexes in my library, but I settled on the Jun Maekawa design found in genuine Origami. 

  I added a few teeth and sculpted it a little more so it would stand on its own.  I have also been working on the Origami Butterflies from the Lafosse books.   I have to get some different paper to truly show off the special colors.

And lastly,  I purchased the Origami swan design from Hoang Tien Quyet, a Vietnamese origami artist who is also on Etsy!   This design captured me the moment I saw it on Bing!   And now…I have the design!   YEAH!   My first attempt turned out pretty well.  I will have to fold it about 10 more times until it is officially ‘In My Brain”   And then  I will then be able to leave the hard copy and fold it at will.

thCAI6L3KKHope everyone has a great weekend.   As for us,  we will be watching Another .  An anime that has a spooky horror setting.   I was rather bored through the first episode, but now we are hooked!   It came highly recommended, and I would recommend it as well.   But be prepared for all that “creepy horror stuff”  that kids like to talk about around the campfire.  I actually like the mystery aspect of it….and the mood coloring and music.   The Art and Animation is top notch as well.   Find it on Crunchyroll!

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