Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet.

RedCrownedKinglet2What an awesome little bird!   We saw this the other day and it took a while trying to find the name of it online.   The small red tuff on his head was quite striking.   He must be moving on up north because I guess he is not found here in Iowa.  Yet, there he was!   Cheryl was a witness!   Ruby-crowned_KingletAnyway, we are on the migratory path, so it is possible   It is something magical when you see a bird or anything that you have never seen before.   Like nature throws you a curveball.  Anyway, that same day we saw the golden crowned Kinglet as well.   Similar, but yellow  instead of red.cg_goldencrownedkinglet   That red what Awesome to behold.  Anyway, it is late, and the cat is messing with my typing.   So  I’ll  end this post here.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Enjoy!

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