Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Finished PDF! Hope this works!

DSC_5932After driving myself crazy trying to write up a diagram for the Origami Caribou, I have finally finished it and listed it on Etsy.  I’m not sure if it is any good, or if it will be clear enough for everyone to understand it,  But I had to draw the line somewhere!   It was one of those projects that could take you years to complete getting every little detail perfect…and in the end…IT IS JUST A DIAGRAM!   Well,  I did add pictures to clarify things, and a few notes here and there for several trouble spots.  Mostly I had to get a feel for the technology.   One Note and Adobe Acrobat are challenging for the novice like me.  I still can figure out how to take a snap shot….Or rather…I CAN take a snap shot, but I can’t figure out where the damn thing goes!   “You saves a snap shot….but we are not going to tell you where it went or where to find it!  NAAAA!”    Ok, I know computers do not have a malevolent mindset, but sometimes they seem to revel in showing you how stupid you are for not figuring something so simple out…


Alright,  Enough ranting!  I posted the PDF on Etsy now so it is all good.   Now it is just a matter of figuring out how to get it to download onto someone else's computer…..and seeing how it all works out. 

In the mean time, I folded anther Origami moose.  I gave this one lighter antlers, but that coffee filter paper was not the best chose.  Still, I think it turned out ok.   I seem to be getting pretty good at it, and the moose might just be my next PDF project.   We shall see!

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