Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Windy, Cold, October Iowa Day

DSC_1631Our walks have become more and more challenging as the days progress in the Season.  DSC_1635First, we had to endure the soul leaching heat of the Summer.  Then, we had to dodge the harvest trucks and worry about oncoming tornadoes. Now, as the days begin to shorten and the temperature drops, we have to endure the cold wind that no longer has the corn to slow it down.  Cheryl’s hair should be an indication of the wind strength.  Add the cooler temps and a simple vest will no longer be enough clothing for the walks.  DSC_1630DSC_1636

Anyway, the season is kicking off with Halloween just around the corner.   People around this small town are getting into the mood.   Lots of Pumpkins and scary lawn art are on full display.  DSC_1638I guess there are few things scarier than an Iowa small town, DSC_1639Right Steven King?  Children of the Corn, Carrie,  The Stand, Field of Screams, Footloose…Ok  I guess some of those didn’t actually take place in Iowa, but they DID happen in small agricultural towns where the people and the water are all ..”odd.” 79iEen28ai1rsXvOVWRJuHrsexO 

In the mean time,  I have been working on Dinosaurs and a few other things to add to the origami shop, while Cheryl and I have been stoking the fire under the Stocking Production.  I know our first few attempts are merely token at best,  However,  I’m sure once ACT Job Syndrome is out of our system, we will become sewing machines!  ( Pun intended!) 

So,  My latest Dino’s:  The Parasaurolophus.   Talk about an odd name!  Enjoy!

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