Monday, October 14, 2013

Origami Pig-let

Ok, After the pork festival, I decided to fold up another pig.  This one with a smaller nose.  I actually think it gives him a little more of a “cute” factor. 

Anyways,  The Iowa country side is buzzing with activity over the harvest.  Along some dusty country road, Cheryl and I have to dodge the tractors and Semi-Trucks that race up and down trying to get that corn and soybeans to the grain bins.  Of coarse I did not bring my camera to take pics, but there is no shortage of “Iowa Harvest Time” pictures on the web already. 

Iowa Corn Harvest 4iowa-soybean-harvest-j-laughlin

So enjoy the pig and tractors.2010-1017-semi-blog untitled The only reason there were only 4 tractors at the tractor show is because the rest of them were out in the field working.

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