Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Origami Foxes! On a Rainy Iowa Day.

It’s raining.  It has been a long time coming, and Cheryl and I decided thatGore-Tex_Logo we should embrace the overcast day with one of our walks.   We got soaked!   Well,  It was totally our fault.   When we left, the rain was light and drizzly.   Nothing a Gortex can’t handle.  Then, we got a little hot.   So…  Unbutton the Gortex to let the cooler air inside.  Sure!  A little rain gets in….but only a little.  

Then it pours!2514569040_cf14215c54_z  Well,  not as hard as other times, but still pretty good.  The results:  Cheryl and Ethan look like drowned rats!  It’s ok though.  Nothing a warm bath and a cup of coffee can’t fix right up.  In fact,  I always enjoy a warm shower/bath/ cup of soup BETTER after a stint in the cold or damp.  warming cup of soup

In the mean time,  stockings are picking up and I still am managing to fold a little.   I folded up a couple of foxes the last couple of days and put them in the shop.   Enjoy!

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