Friday, October 11, 2013

ACT FREEDOM! And Origami Stegosaurus.

untitledFinally!  Our last project has come to a close and we are now able to focus on stockings 100%.  It took much in the way of motivation to see the project to the very end.   I have to tell you, reading and scoring papers for 8 hours a day is mentally draining!  I feel for all those teachers out there who do this year after year.   Oh wait!   I was almost one of them!   Boy, am I happy that path did not work out! 

herding catsI actually would like to tank ACT for putting up with our irregular work ethic.  I guess it is typical of Academics to basically act like a bunch of cats doing their own thing on the job.  We show up when we want: Work when we want; and leave when we want.  We are a tough labor force to pin down. 

However, we do manage to get the project done ahead originalof Schedule most of the time.  I guess there are moments when we become work horses and race to the finish line.  If most of this is going over your head,  Try to imagine trying to harness a lightning bolt!   If you can…You can power an entire city and light up the sky at the same time!

bucket-catching-rain-multiracialSo now, we begin the stocking craze!  A rush, if you will, to the end of the year.   It is already raining in the dessert, and we are behind getting buckets out to catch the water.  Hopefully we will manage to get enough out fast enough to catch enough for our future plans. 

All this, while also folding some origami.  It is true that Origami might take a back seat for the next several months.  But in the mean time,   I have finished the initial dinosaur theme with a stegosaurus. Enjoy!

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L. D. said...

I have a friend Heather that works there at ACT. My Sunday school class hears about your origami projects. They are mostly Asian and paper folding runs in their culture. They are amaze when I tell them you do such different creatures.


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