Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ah, Stockings…..How we love you…

DSC_2537Over the last two days we have been putting in DSC_2548about 12 to 13 hours non stop.   We set a record yesterday and the day before.  Only now is there a brief lul in the fray.  It is difficult to form a coherent thought after working 10 hours let along 13.   but now things are getting back to normal ….a bit.

The felt is holding up…barely.   We ran out of Aqua blue and had to wait a couple of days for it to arrive.  When it did,DSC_2546 we almost had to pull an all-nighter to catch them up.  In the end,  DSC_254554 stockings!    In one day!  That might not seem impressive, but back in the day when 17 stockings would kill up and we were sewing on buttons by hand,   this is impressive. 

What would be even more impressive is if we had actually prepared better for the season and had ALL of the stockings made in advance.  But, I’m sure Future Ethan And Cheryl,   who are now reading this in 2014…some time,   have learned their lesson by now.  After all those rants. 

The weather is cold here in Iowa,  And snowy.   Subaru does not like being outside in this weather.  Add in the lovely country smells that come with agriculture and pig farming and DSC_2547you have a great reason NOT to go outside.  Manure3I would show a picture, but , seriously….there simply is not time to even take a picture of the snow.   And do we really have to be reminded what snow looks like? 

Hmm,  This is getting a little snarky.  Possibly from the lack of sleep.  icm_fullxfull_33925893_sn79mcbzwesos8csc0g4 In other news,  the people seem to be liking their stockings, and occasionally they will send pictures of our stockings in action.   This one,   sent by a customer that shares my name. ( ETHAN ALLEN!  YEAH!)  Shows our stockings hung up with Cheer.  I was so thrilled to hear of another Ethan Allen out there I had to reply.   Given my current mental state,  I hope I did not sound too creepy.

In the end,  supplies seem to be holding and people are happy.   So Christmas is turning out ok this year.   Cheryl and I just have to “white-knuckle” it a little while longer.  Hope everyone is having a great holiday season.   Including Future Ethan and Cheryl…..

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