Thursday, December 5, 2013

Message to Cheryl and Ethan 2014….

So how are you doing so far?   christmas-rushAre you packing up orders and then taking the remainder of the day off to relax?  Or are you frantically making stockings as you go …again. It was another long day for us again…back here in 2013.  You probably have forgotten those long night and now the worry was not that there were not enough sales, but rather if we could keep up and not run out of materials. 

Today was out highest sale day by the way.  4053847600_f863da1d82_z It is true that there was this dip after starting out with a bang.  But eventually people started logging on and our stock pile is almost gone now..   I have not even had time to post pictures.  So if you are reading this, future self,  then I would like to give you a bit of advice and hope you will take heed.  6856897169_a1f3e08e8e_zMake sure you have a portion of stockings made in advance.  And even if the year looks bleak…which it always will,   be sure to have some ground work laid so you can take those custom orders and large shop orders.


DSC_2460Ok,  I’m tired now and still have to flick the glitter off the names and tag them for tomorrows wrap attack. 

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The Great Ethan Allen said...

Hey Past Ethan, This is Ethan 2016...just survived the 2015 Christmas Season...and Guess what...We are still making them as we go. We tried making them in advance, but people got wise to that and began requesting custom orders. In the end, we had to scrap and waste a bunch of unsold stockings, because no one wanted them...only custom dog stockings. The good news is that we are still in the stocking business and things seem to be on par from previous years. In fact, we actually are able to keep more of our money because we do not tie it up in stock and materials! So...thanks for the advice that we tried to follow. I see where you were coming from, but it just doesn't work in the case of Allenbrite. Funny how everyone wants to give you advice because they think they know better....including ME! But a sure fire cure never seems to work in our case does it.

Ethan A Allen 2016


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