Friday, December 6, 2013

Still Need a Reminder? Let’s Remember, Shall we….

DSC_2485Hello future Cheryl and Ethan.   Did you enjoy your day in 2014?  Did you reap the rewards of a well prepared Christmas stocking season?  Or did  you frantically attempt to sew up enough stockings just to stay caught up?    You probably need a little reminder on how this season was going…back here in 2013….just one year ago.  DSC_2488
First,  I would like to mention that Cheryl is not as kind to you future us.   She want me to address you as “Idiots” .   I’m going to assume that you have been preparing for the 2014 season and are advanced in wisdom as well as money.DSC_2490
However,  I’m also going to assume that your memories are not very good and that is why the 2013 Ethan is here to catalog our progress so a future me can look back and have a record of the debacle this year is becoming.
Tonight was an “ok” night.   We just finished the names at 11:00 pm.  They still need to be flicked and tagged and packed.  We are not even where we were compared to 2012…when we were “bored” because the sales were so “slow”   DSC_2489
Perception has much to do with how you see the world.  If you are prepared,  then the work is easy and you think that you must be having a crappy year because you are working so little.  On the other hand….I you did NOT prepare in advance….well,  then a crappy sales feel like they are swamping you because you simply can’t sew the stockings up as fast as you would need to in a 24 hour period.
DSC_2487This little rant might not make any sense to anyone who is reading this blog ..Other than the Future Ethan And Cheryl who ( hopefully) are reading this and chuckling to themselves as they reminisce about the year they were caught with their pants down.  Take a look at the pics and try to remember than pinching feeling in your neck because you had to sew up 41 stockings and pack up all those orders so they could go out before the weekend.    Enjoy!

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L. D. said...

You two are such hard workers. It looks like quite and assembly line of things to get done. I like seeing all the colors. I use to frame pictures on the side, still do a little, but Christmas everyone wanted framing done. I was delivering framed work on Christmas eve at several places and glad that we got it all done.


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