Monday, December 2, 2013

The Price of Lessons Not Learned…

DSC_2426Is that the Lesson is repeated!   This is a note to Future Cheryl and Ethan:   Remember WHY you made stockings in advance back in 2012?  To AVOID the DSC_24272013 scenario.  Making 32 stockings a night is taking ALL night now because we have exhausted our reserve and now are making them as the orders come in.  Not the best way to run a …Er. “hobby” DSC_2428

What used to take us 4 hours  doing 20 of the same stocking, is not taking us 10 hours because the stockings are all miss-matched and random. 

I’m just a little cranky at the moment because it was a long day.  NOT as long as previous years, but still too long after learning the lessons of those years.  In the end,  each stocking sale is a blessing.   And I actually like doing names. DSC_2429  I’m more frustrated in myself as we should have had these stockings pre-made months ago.   But  last year was too easy and we had many stockings left over.  There was a reason which made sense at the time, for not making huge quantities of stockings in every color that people would not want to buy. DSC_2459

I imagine every Business faces this dilemma year after year.   ( Or “Hobby”)  What to make, How much, when to make the cut off.  The truth is we are still below last years mark, so even now, we are wondering if it is worth making as many as we can or make them as we go.DSC_2460  Time will tell.   In the mean time,   Future Cheryl and Ethan who are reading this in 2014… are some pics to REMIND you that there was a reason why you made the stockings in advance…and thank your lucky stars that you only have to pack them and answer questions instead of making them into the weee hours of the night.  


Ok…Sleepy time for me..

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