Sunday, December 8, 2013

Failure to blog in December means you are BUSY!

DSC_2499Why do I miss days blogging?  Why are there “gaps” in the postings?   Because we simply do not have the time.   I know….I’m blogging now.   DSC_2518But this is with HEROIC effort on my part as we had another long night tonight.   It is 10:00 pm and I still have to flick the names and tags the ones that have not been packed.  This posting is an attempt to remind myself on how things were in 2013…. I hope…future Ethan or Cheryl, you are paying attention. 

DSC_2519I believe we set a record in sales today.  I’m not sure what the final numbers will be or how it will compare to last year.   But we had to sew up a LOT of stockings ..AGAIN!.  I hope….future Ethan or Cheryl,  You are paying attention.

At least we have a handle on some things.   DSC_2520Our packing is easier, but still challenging because we are exhausted after a day of sewing.  Now I know it was only 33 stockings.   ( we had some that were already made) And it was 41 the previous day.  But  things like this tend to build up over time.   Add that they are random colors and designs and that only adds more time onto the already taxed 24 hours. 

Time management is a skill for successful people.   Namely, not us.  Well,  Success is really a perception than a reality.   You may perceive yourself as “successful” because you have money, time, power, a house, a car, a job…..But I digress.   Perhaps time management is a life skill that you learn as you go and figure out through trial and error.  If this is the case,  then this should be a lesson well learned….again.   Must I remind you that you “learned'” this lesson back in 2011?   And why where we so bored back in 2012?  

DSC_2512Ok,  these posts are becoming rather preachy lately because I have very few filters left when I work this long.  So let’s tDSC_2510alk about other things.    Like:   We got Niampire!   From Japan!  Cheryl is in love with them.  We also got the Poyopoyo key fobs.   It would be so cool if we could get the full Poyopoyo pillows. 


Ok then,  Signing off.   I can’t wait untill tomorrow  with 2 pages of orders already open! 

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