Thursday, December 19, 2013

Baking Adventures With Cheryl and Ethan…The Sweet End of the Stocking Season.

DSC_2614Well, not really.  In fact, we had to sew up 10 stockings this morning.  However, most people have received the memo that their stockings run the risk of not making it in time for Christmas at this point in the year.   The people that order now are usually ok with that.  However,  by and large, the crazy rush is over…..Time for Treats!

It is a tradition now that the week following Christmas, and after the Stocking rush is over, that we make Thank You Christmas treats for all the people who were helpful during those crazy weeks of insanity.  And, as always,   Cheryl has to make this an adventure instead of just a “ho humm” experience.   I imagine I’m partly to blame.   I never can say no to a crazy idea.  Or Baking something we have never attempted before…..

Before I go down that road though,  We usually start with the known quantity.DSC_2599DSC_2600   That is to say…things we have done before and are familiar with..   Enter the White Star Cookie!

I’m actually not a fan of these as they tend to be a little too sweet…even for me!  However, they are fast easy and other people seem to like them….Or at least have never told us that they are terrible and throw them away as soon as they receive them.  I’m ok with that….it is the thought that counts after all.  And Our thoughts tend to be  over the top in sweetness…..Is that so bad?

DSC_2605Then there is the kiss cookies.   Have I mentioned we seem to have this love affair with DSC_2602chocolate and peanut butter?  Not in a Reese's peanut butter cup way,  but rather every recipe calls for some type of peanut butter foundation.   I blame Cheryl.   Who DOES have a Reese's peanut butter fetish.

DSC_2583My only role in these two treats is the mixer.   Cheryl needs my manly arms to dot he mixing.   And, if you ever had to suffer watching Cheryl Wrestle with a large bowl of peanut butter and flour…well…DSC_2601You would volunteer to be the mixer as well.  ( trust me…It’s painful to watch!)

DSC_2581And then it is finally time to begin trail blazing.   The part of ever Christmas where Cheryl has to fulfill her fantasy of being a top baker on the Food Network.  She reads these “magazines”  that tell her to buy these “books”   and they tell her to try there “delicious recipes” that we have never seen nor done before.   I have always known Cheryl has this weakness to for the unfamiliar.   Add in the power of suggestion that her magazines push on her and we have a recipe for adventure ( or disaster).DSC_2617 

The Idea is a cake ball.   Similar to a truffle,  only with a gooey decadent cake in the middle instead of a chocolate fudge.   Cheryl found a book, and, as usual,  asked me to figure out what the pictures mean. 

DSC_2590As any true man,  I never actually read the instructions.  I simply look at the pictures and go from there.   I think it is simpler this way.  My stuff always turns out looking exactly like the picture.   DSC_2586As for any “problems “ with the flavor;    well, that is the recipe’s fault, not mine.  

So:   Bake a cake…..a good one that is a little under baked. DSC_2593Then mix in the “binder/ frosting”  We decided to make the German Chocolate Cake ball….because I’m part German; I like Chocolate;  I like coconut; and it was the only recipe with a clear picture I could go off of….

DSC_2595The mixing was fun.   I should have snapped a picture of Cheryl getting all gooey making the balls with her hands.  Instead, DSC_2610 I thought I would show how Cheryl had to roll the balls in melted chocolate.  Notice the clean white shirt she is wearing….DSC_2611

After the mixing, we had to cover them with a coconut/pecan topping and then let them cool.  DSC_2615 Now for the Gift  Box assembly.  We already delivered several to the post office and the UPS guys. DSC_2620 We still have a few left that we are thinking about giving to the neighbors and Landlord if we see them any time soon.DSC_2623   We shall see. 

In the end,  it was fun…as always.  We got messy, DSC_2627 fought like cats and made fun of each others baking techniques.  My ego was damaged but, I think, made stronger by the whole ordeal.  in the end, we had a refrigerator filled with calorie laden treats that we must give away before I gain even more weight for the holidays.   And it’s all thanks to Cheryl’s adventurous spirit….and her Magazines.  Thanks!


Unknown said...

I love your skunk stocking design. I am in charge of making a banner for a fundraiser that will take place in Massachusetts in February. The theme is 'Give a stink for hearing loss' and it has a skunk for the logo.

Would you give me permission to use your skunk pattern on my banner? I thought I'd make a family of skunks because hearing loss happens to the whole family.

If you are not comfortable giving permission I understand and will decide on another pattern.

Thanks so much for considering my request!


The Great Ethan Allen said...

Go for it! Just using the skunk for a banner is fine....Not many people are fond of it on a stocking anyway. enjoy!


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