Saturday, December 14, 2013

Breaking Records at Allenbrite Studio.

DSC_2556I’m not sure about the year, but there have been several days we have broken the previous years record.  That is not saying too much.  We are not only slightly above last year.   Talk about a roller coaster ride! broken-record-765056 Started strong…then dropped below last year….now it is shooting to the top again!  I wonder how this weekend will pan out this close to Christmas.

Regardless,  Cheryl and I are feeling the pinch…Usually in our shoulders, after a long night of sewing on buttons and packing orders.Neck-pain6  Our walks seem to take longer, our Date Nights are non-existent, and Sleep?  I can’t remember the last time I had a full night of restful sleep.   Most of the time I just lay awake unable to shut down…until I’m woken up by Cheryl asking me to fix the glitter on a name.

bag-of-moneyAh, but it’s all worth it right?  The money, the happiness, the money, the Christmas wishes and the money.   Mostly the money.    Have I mentioned that the money is a powerful incentive for this self abuse?  If we could pay the bills with the smiles of grateful families who love their stockings,  we would do that….Until then, we are “forced” to accept their cold hard cash.  fma_I_AM_GREED2

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned the virtue of greed.   I love greed!  Seriously!   Greed is great!  I imagine there are people out there who think that this is terrible, however, I truly believe otherwise.   When you have nothing all year, and the money starts to come in…..Greed helps make those midnight deadlines possible. greed Are farmers greedy for wanting to get the most out of their fields?  The expression “Make hay while the sun shines” is one I use often. And you can’t take too many breaks during the day or you lose out on maximizing the harvest.  DSC_2561

Perhaps that is Iowa rubbing off on me.  The rainy season only lasts once a year for us so we have to gather as much moisture as possible.   So far, the universe is helping us along.   We shall see when the final numbers are in.  Cheryl already has lots of Ideas for next year.  I can hardly wait!

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