Friday, November 14, 2014

A Very Busy Cheryl and Ethan

DSC_7519 Hello Blog!   It has been a while…but I can explain!   You see,  the lack of time cataloging our impossibly interesting lives has been short-changed as the Christmas Stocking season has been picking up.   As I write this in the brief moments I have before precious sleep overtakes me, adult-teddy-bear-onesie-costume-c09cfb9dCheryl is working feverishly on our tomorrow’s orders to get a jump start.   She is currently in her PJ’s cutting out parts….She wears a Onesie…. .Very cute….but she won’t let me take a picture as she does not want any future employer to see here in her “evening wear”.  Think of her looking more like a little kid and not a seductress from Victoria Secret…Unless Victoria secret starts featuring large one –piece teddy bear pajamas. ..But  I digress

So the Christmas Rush is ON! DSC_7520   And we have been doing a number of custom orders that take more time than they are worth….but are still fun and challenging….Unless Cheryl has had a bad night sleep.   Then they just become bothersome.  

And then there is the embroidery….Just when you figure out the perfect font size and how they will best fit on the stocking….someone comes up with a name that is like this!

DSC_7522It took me a while to figure out how to fit the name on the stocking.   And I’m not sure why a Harry Potter fan would name their beagle that long of a name….But everyone has their idea of how things are meant to be.    I do think it looks pretty cool…( now that it is finally finished)  and I’m glad I was able to meet the challenge and pull it off.  However,  I don’t want to do too many names like that ever again!DSC_7524

And then there is the Origami.   I have a request from a Magazine to fold up 10 Koi by the end of the week.   Knowing these fish are going into a magazine has put a little more pressure on me to get them as “perfect as possible”   so each one takes slightly longer than an hour to pull off.   DSC_7525And there is a 2 day process that requires certain areas to dry before proceeding to the finished shaping. They should be ready by tomorrow so I can take pictures and list them.   All the while I still have to put on those names and sew on the buttons!   But being busy is better than Bored   ( although, I like boredom much better than Cheryl does).DSC_7539

I’m not sure how well this year will be in the stocking sales department   Hopefully they will get stronger as the days progress..but that will mean that we will have to work harder because we are not fully prepared for a flood of orders at the moment.   And there is a reason why we have decided not to sew up 40 Rudolf Stockings in advance as people continue to ask for their own special dogs and cats.  Still…i might feel a little more secure if we had a bunch of “ready made” stockings in the closet ready for instant shipping. 2 unnamed  

So…..Thanks for checking in..Blog.   And I promise I’ll at least try to make an effort to post more and not stay a stranger. 

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