Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cheryl and Ethan’s Polar Turkey Run!

turkey-burn What better way to kick off the day of feasting than by burning off those calories BEFORE you over indulge?  Well,  by running!   of coarse!   We had big plans today. 142689540_640   Cheryl with her ninja tights and me with my new biking gear,  decided that today we would reverse the order of tradition and exercise before the sun went down and the dinner was cooked. turkeyburnlogo1

Well,   everything was going fine….Cheryl caught up all those questions on the stockings and I finished folding an Eagle for Ohio Financial.   Time to go for a brisk run.  

Brisk?   Did I say Brisk?  Frozen was more like it.   I knew I was in trouble when we first hit the church parking lot and I could not feel my hands.  th6UHYSYCK This happens almost every time, but not within the first half mile!   I also felt like the wind was blowing right over my naked body….even though I had three layers of clothing on.   Granted, these layers were high tech clothes that Cheryl purchased for me so I could look cool while biking along side.   I understand her concern for wanting to have “attractive” people around her instead of me looking like a marshmallow man.  Not to mention when I dress up like the wooly bear from Alaska,  I probably look pretty creepy.

6teGxeAAga1322516945558_normal By the way, I was not biking naked…..even though…apparently, there is a race somewhere here in the US where they run a the winter without any clothes on.   That is just crazy!

Anyway,  the run was completed…in the wind and snow.   With the temperature hitting a high of 10 degrees!  I lost the feeling in both hands,  my face, legs and feet.    I thought if Cheryl could stand it, then I could as well…however,  she was a frozen icicle as well. cold-running-22934678  Ice had frosted her hair and eye lashes so that she could barely see.  It is difficult to believe that I used to run in –30 degree weather in Alaska.   But running generates a little more heat than biking.  And we were also better dressed for the occasion.  I really should have looked at the temperature BEFORE heading out.   I could have saved the experience with several more layers and the heavy arctic mittens I have for these occasions.


DSC_7783 So now,   We are drinking the pumpkin beer we have been saving for several months now just for this holiday.   And Cheryl is trying out the latest recipe discovered in the latest HyVee food magazine.   “Where is the turkey?”  You may ask?  Why,  in the little waffles!   We don’t need much after all.   It is just the two of us….And I get all of the DSC_7779 Pumpkin pie because …..Well, I’m not Dutch.     I guess the Dutch ONLY eat apple pie for thanksgiving.  Not to worry though,  in previous years, Cheryl’s family always made sure I had an entire pumpkin pie of my own.   DSC_7780

So that pretty much sums up our Thanksgiving.  And we have new Neighbors…..wonderful!   They have announced their presents yesterday with music bordering on the loud and today they finished moving in.  I thought we would have the building to ourselves,  but the music is already on the edge of annoying.   I simply can not wait to move out of here.   I guess we will have to wait until the stocking season is completed and we can evaluate our situation.  Time will tell.

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