Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Rush!

DSC_7579    Quite a few sales last night, keeping us busy all day today.   Well,  Mostly.  DSC_7580I guess we did manage to head to Iowa City for lunch.   And we were finished by 7 pm…mostly.   But 24 stockings is quite a few compared to what we have been having.  I forget about the “old days”   when we would take all day to do 15!  I guess things are not all bad. 

DSC_7582So ,  as I write this Cheryl is busily packing up the orders and tying on cute little tags to make the customer happy.  And Add a  little pizzazz to our stockings..

DSC_7581Not that the stockings need any, mind you!   With the custom designed dogs, cats and embroidery…what is there not to like? 

So.   As Cheryl continues her feverish attention to detail….I sit here and blog about myself and how awesome I am for “helping” .   AND  How cool foil paper origami DRAGONS are! DSC_7583

I’m not sure why I even play around with this stuff.  It’s messy and a pain to make the paper.   But the “leathery” look of the paper works well for the dragons.  And there is a cool level of detail you can add to the dragons expression.DSC_7584  

DSC_7585Not that anyone would want to buy one of these.   DSC_7586They are not as stable as the cardstock ones.  And the stockings are pretty much taking most of my time anyway.  Even though Cheryl does the packing,  I still run the embroidery machine and sew on the buttons.      

So….it was a pretty good day.   Perhaps we will have even more days like this in the future.  We shall see.  DSC_7587

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