Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday Snow and Stockings

  DSC_7559  DSC_7562See!  I’m back after only one day!   I count this as an achievement since I took so much time off before.   What could possibly happen in a single day?  Well…..Stockings, of coarse!

DSC_7560What started out as just a few stragglers ended up being a full 20 stockings in no time.   Add in the fact that many of them were embroidered with names AND custom dogs…and you end up with a full day of sewing.  DSC_7561 Usually a mere 20 stockings takes us no longer than three to four hours….but if you add in dogs that you have to totally create from scratch,   that time stretches out into evening. 

But it is all good!   We like staying busy as it  allows us to not  reflect on our totally hopeless struggle through this thing we call life.   And…for the most part,  making stockings is fun!  What else would you want to do with a Saturday  afternoon anyway?crazy move out 2  

In addition to the rather busy day,  our new neighbors moved out today.  Just “BOOM!”   Time to move!   IMAG0333 And they are gone!   They were good neighbors for the most part.   Quiet,  kept to themselves,   quiet, Friendly  and quiet.  Did I mention that they were quiet?   That IS a big plus in my book.   I guess there was some family tragedy that they had to move back too.   I personally try to move AWAY from family tragedy.  But  some people….like my mother,  seem to thrive off of Family drama and Hijinks.  To each his or her own I guess.

48hourforecastsnowfall1 And then there is the snow.  98db5d089697f7d432d961a820a0ff8b A happy reminder that winter is just around the corner.  It has become quite cold as well.  Making our walks rather challenging.  Then again,  there are not many things better than a hot coffee or food after a sub arctic stroll.   I guess the extremes work well together. 

So there you go.   24 hours in the Allenbrite home!   Enjoy the random Origami!

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