Wednesday, November 26, 2014

‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving.

DSC_7742 And Cheryl and Ethan were feverishly making Stockings for Christmas.   I guess that is a good thing over all.  Although it is 8:30 PM and we are still in the process of packing them up.  It was only 26 again…I think… Who knows how many Cheryl adds in with these last minute things.


Well,  to be honest,  we DID go to Iowa City today…for some last minute errands and paying off back taxes.  So that means we sort of got a late start on them to begin with.   And then…When we finally got home,  we worked on them on a couple hours before going out for a run.   Did I mention Cheryl has taken up running?   Seems like something I would say just to get attention….but it is true.   She is up to running the full three miles now.   I get to bike along side her like in those Rocky movies where the old man yells obscenities at Sylvester Stallone.   album-rocky-mickey However, I only say words of encouragement….like:   “Only three miles to go!”  or “You run like a GIRL!”  “ I think  you’re slowing down a little….but it’s ok to walk.”      I’d like to think that my constant encouragement is helping.


By the way,  it snowed today and we have a wonderful blanket of snow all over now. Thanksgiving food and video 004 I’m very happy we will NOT be going to Iowa city tomorrow.   Our Thanksgiving will consist of eating a few crackers and salmon dip,  going out for a brief physical exercise ( i.e: running…again!) and then relaxing while sampling several brands of beer.  We currently have another 98 score beer in the fridge!   I can’t wait to try it out. 

DSC_7732 Oh sure, there will be pumpkin pie and hors devoirs.   And we may even do  a few stockings if the orders get out of hand.   I still have to make an Eagle for the Ohio group….as well as finish this horse I have been working on for the last couple days. DSC_7749   Perhaps I will have a little more time to fold on stuff, but hopefully stockings will start to sell more and keep me occupied.   Stockings = money after all. 


mad_men_wallpaper_2_by_seb88-d37mt7v And then there will be movies.   Hopefully we will find some time to relax with a movie on  edge of tomorrow I’m not sure what we will settle on, but Cheryl wants to Marathon through the last season of Mad Men.  We shall see.   I like “period pieces” just fine,  but I prefer science fiction myself.  ( Not Transformers!  What do I look like?  Some little kid? )

  So there it is.   Time standing still….moving forward faster than we would like and then the day more or less…repeats.  One of these days I will have to blog about my time travels.   Did you know I could time travel?   It’s fairly complicated…so I will elaborate at a later day.  In the mean time…Enjoy the Origami Lizard!  DSC_7747 DSC_7748

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L. D. said...

You two know how to keep yourselves busy. It seems like you have started making and shipping stockings earlier than last year. They are a great product so I am sure that is why they are going like gangbusters. I was kind of glad to get the snow back. I don't like how cold it is but it is going to warm up. Our one set of kids will be here from Chicago on Friday. Take care. Enjoy the breaks between the factory work.


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