Sunday, November 30, 2014

‘Twas the Night Before Cyber-Monday….

I can’t help it!   I guess I just like the word : ‘Twas.   It sounds so cool and romantic. 

Cheryl Packing things up Cheryl tying on the cute little tags So Cheryl and I have been thinking that Cyber-Monday is actually Cyber-Weekend after Thanksgiving.  Today was not too bad as far as work goes.  We were pretty much able to get caught up by 3 pm….without any Iowa City Visits to distract us. 

Currently we are just waiting for Labels to arrive in the Mail tomorrow.  It’s always a tough thing when you run out of materials during a weekend.   Luckily,  This is one issue we can side step as Cheryl pre-packs things and gets them ready before the labels arrive.  Note the stickers and Notecards   Simply packing things up is quite an endeavor.   Cheryl has to put on the tags and labels and put each order in a clear plastic bag….then seal it with a sticker.  Clear plastic keeps things nice and protected..Who cares about the earth anyway.Ultimately we put them in a Blue mailer with the shipping label and then they are ready to go.

As for me.   I guess it ends up being rather easy.   I had to put the embroidery on as well as the buttons as usual. more embroidery for me   Many of the stockings were either old custom or premade.   I did not fold anything today, but I have been folding when I could for the Ohio financial request.   If they purchase them tomorrow, The origami Eagle I’ll have to ship them out all the while facing the omen of Cyber Monday.  




Cyber-Monday It could be that Cyber Monday is just something that the Media uses to scare people or trump up news on these slow news days.  Every year we hear the same story that businesses are “concerned” that sales are lower then “expected.”  While this IS true  ( EVERY YEAR)  arrow-business-crisis-decline-depression-down   it is not really “news” that shoppers need to worry about.  Yeah, Yeah!  We get it!   The Economy is in the pits!   It always is!   Go find a celebrity scandal to report.




   Anyway,  I’m still hoping for crazy sales tomorrow.  Although I’m sure things will remain at the steady pace they currently are now.   No matter what happens,  tomorrow is going to be pretty busy for us. right view  We have to go to Iowa City to do some errands and then hopefully UPS will deliver the goods so we can ship this latest batch of stockings.   We may not get to actually making anything until late.   We shall see how things play out…  In the mean time…enjoyThe Eagle's Left..that is. the eagles.  Not really an origami step here left view

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