Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happy Stocking Day!

DSC_7698    Finally we are having “normal” days in the world of Christmas Stockings.  DSC_7699 I’m not sure why the sales are lower than last year, but hopefully we will have more days like today.  Granted, it IS a Sunday night….and we have already sold 15 more ( I guess) for Monday morning.   But this was the second time this year we have had to work a full day just to sew up the stockings.  

DSC_7700On a brighter note….And this really excites me.   Cheryl has finally decided to put an end to custom stockings for the year.   It was just getting out of control.   People request things and then change their mind.  All the time we are wasting materials and time that should be put towards customers that have already paid! DSC_7701 It is frustrating for me because I can not really help much in that field.  

But now!   Hopefully… The real shoppers are online and will soon be buying up what we already have made and ready to ship.   I don’t mind putting on as many names as possible since we are prepared for that.  But crazy “non-Allebrite” stockings are no more.  ( unless Cheryl is feeling excited about some request) 

DSC_7690 DSC_7697 In the mean time…..I have been folding for the Ohio Financial Group for their quarter annual report magazine.  I already folded up a bunch of Koi and hopefully the will like the Eagle I have been working on. DSC_7702 We shall see if it meets their approval. 

OH!  And before I forget for another day.  I recently Purchased a BIKE!   A “GOOD” one… Cheryl calls it.   Meaning: GIAN_13_REVEL_2_GREY_GREEN_1 One from an actual bike shop.   a brand name   A sturdy bike.   A Slightly more expensive bike.  By that I mean it is not a Wal-Mart Special found in the toy department for $60…  I have been riding on it for several days now. ( I picked it up on Wednesday) and have had to break it in a little as the stock seat was not really very nice.   If you have ever ridden a new bike…and are male…..You may know what I’m talking about.17 bicycling equipment 2013-new-PINARELLO-cycling-jerseys-wear-clothes-bicycle-bike-riding-short-sleeve-jerseys-bib-shorts   

Anyway, the bike is cool and now that I found the right seat…I’m very excited to get out there when the weather is more cooperative.    Cheryl can’t wait to buy me a bunch of riding accessories.

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