Sunday, January 11, 2015

An Evening With Founders. A Michigan Beer.

founders We found this here in Iowa!  Of all the places.   Any state that can not offer J. D. Dundee’s Honey Brown should probably be thought of as “lacking” in beer selections. The Perfered Beer for Iowa Hawkeyes Fans! But Somehow,  this beer, that we could not find in the very location of its creation, is offered here in a store next to our favorite bagel place.   There were 4 other selections, but we chose one that had the ‘hops” we desire. 

The selection we chose  The color was robust.  Very dark and warm.  The smell was sweet with a hint of malt. Wonderful color and aroma

The Taste:   Not bad at all.   And really not what was expected.   Darker beers usually have a   chocolate or caramel flavor.  This one had the right combination of hops to offset the “candy” flavor…but not too much to overwhelm it with citrus notes. 

try this one with Strawberries!   Covered in Chocolate makes it even better!We enjoyed it with Chocolate covered strawberries.   A nice combination.   Thumbs up for this one!  Can't wait to sample the next flavor. There are some beers you should eat with fried foods,  others with cheese and crackers or Brie cheese.   This one went well with the sweets from the chocolate and fruit.   It IS a little pricy,  ( most “good” beers are)   but it is a nice experience and fun to try.   I can’t wait to try the other selections. 

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