Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Under the weather….Food Poisoning or Stomach Flu?

 Stomach-Flu_0  Ah well,   I’m not really sure what happened or what it is, but I have been ill the last few days.   Not the sniffles, or cough, but a case of intestinal difficulty that causes my joints to ache, head to spin, and insides to explode.  Let’s re-trace our steps without going into too graphic of detail,  shall we?

After the Sunday Run in Kansas City,   I was obviously sleep deprived.   So Monday morning,  I felt foggy, as usual.  0fa9cc154d27a0663059d0c9e870ccbfAnd thought that It was due to lack of caffeine.  Even after Cheryl's workout,  I felt ok, but tired.  

Then Yesterday,   Same feeling,   nothing too strange….but the feeling still lags as a looming spectre.  Then we go to bagels..our normal routine.   BOOM!   The bagel was fresh and good.  I possibly ate it too fast.   But on the way home….I suddenly got very tired.  

Not a problem, Just sleep it off!  Take a nap, drink some water…..Problem solved. 

while-having-the-stomach-flu_o_971651Then the chills and aches hit….basically the same feeling I had back when I visited Chicago about 9 months ago.  Nothing worth visiting the Doctor for…as all they will tell you is to get some rest. 

Well, I’m much better now…which makes me wonder if it was eating something that did not agree with me….or was it being exposed to all those people in an underground enclosure.  Hollywood Cheryl feels fine,  so I’m thinking that a mild case of food poisoning is the most likely culprit.   I still feel a bit of the after effects even today.  The good news is that I managed to lose 5 lbs in 24 hours!   Take that Hollywood Miracle Diet! 

Perhaps We should avoid eating out at random diners when we go out of town.  Or I should avoid eating the newest maple cinnamon flavored cream cheese at the bagel place.  Come to think of it….I had that stuff on Monday as well.   Hmmm.   Well,  whatever it was, We did not eat there today as I really was not very hungry at all. Hopefully I’ll get back to normal by tomorrow.  We shall see.

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