Thursday, January 8, 2015

When a Deer Hits the Subaru, What happens?

cd306e50f1f97a67d9e007b7cfcdd1ce  Apparently, not much!   Notice the title does not say that the Subaru hits the Deer…..Nope!  In this case, the deer hit the Subaru and about the only thing that happened was the passenger mirror gets knocked loose and needs to be snapped back into place.   I have heard that animals Love Subaru’s.   Perhaps the deer identified my car and just wanted to touch it…HEAD ON!   Not the smartest move, but with my skilled hands at the wheel, I was able to minimize the “love” any deer bestows upon any car.  12070760-subaru-dog-tested-dog-approved

Now you may be wondering about all of the details.    This happened new years day.   Funny that I would just get to blogging about it now.   I guess without any damage to remind me of the event, I have almost forgotten about it. 

On our way back from the Polar dash,   we were almost home when I made the ill fated decision to take the back way home.   I figured that the way would have less traffic and ultimately be shorter and more direct.118196818   I also voiced my concerns that I knew that there were numerous deer crossings there.   The deer crossings are unavoidable either way you do, but on the back roads, you would not have as many on coming cars blinding you, and you would be going slower speeds. 

thLW3I2CKB Everything was good,  less than 7 miles from home and a deer pops out!    Cheryl sees it at the same time as I do and I slow down while she alerts me to it’s presents.   I have been in this situation before….Slow down,  honk the horn.   Hopefully that will scare it back into the woods where it should remain.   This tactic has worked many many times before.  

deer-deterrent-e1354121131791 But this case…is different.   As if trying to dare me….the deer walks out and stops…..almost defiantly! AngryDeer In my lane.    Luckily, I’m going slow enough now that I can react, but not slow enough to completely stop unless I SLAM on the brakes.   I have been in this situation a time or two before as well.   Time to swerve….It’s late.   There are No oncoming cars.   I can see clearly.   While still braking…..I swerve into the oncoming lane to avoid a collision. 

The deer waits for me to pull up along side him…then LEAPS INTO ME!    “THUD!”    “OUCH!”   @%#^$&@*@!!!!!!

I’m usually critical whenever I see a deer dead along the road.   People drive way to fast on these back farm roads here in Iowa.   They also have these HUGE trucks that make them feel safe.   And I have taken it as a badge of honor that I have never hit an animal such as a deer as I’m a careful and defensive driver. 

However….If the Deer has it in for me….Or is suicidal…well…There is not much I can do about that. 

Luckily,   we pulled into the gas station here in town to survey the damage.   Not even a crinkle where the impact happened.   The only thing was that he knocked the passenger mirror loose.   An easy fix! s-l1000

So…..  Iowa Deer = Stupid!      Driving back roads in the dark = Bad!   Driving back roads in Iowa in the dark will increase your meeting with said Iowa deer…..which = BAD!  

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L. D. said...

Man that is not a good thing. We have herds of the deer in our area and they wander down to the four lane south of us and change peoples lives and their own also. I really like all the colors of the things you were working with in the past blog.


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