Saturday, January 24, 2015

Day One in Kansas City

Rashi in the Suitcase!  She wants to become a traveling cat  Well,   we got off to an early start. The cats did not want to see us go…Rashi even tried to stowaway in Cheryl’s luggage.

The traveling was pretty uneventful. 

 The state Line...Don't Blink or you will miss it!


The Welcome sign....about a mile inside the state


We crossed into Missouri so fast,  we almost missed the sign.  


We were able to stop at the welcome center and pause for a much better shot.  

Truman came from here?   Cheryl poses with the Mural Mural side number 2 An up close and personal welcome case you missed the first one It's only fair I get in the pictures as well

The Welcome Center was pretty cool in that it had some nice art and murals to show off.  

Cool bridges are worth a picture or two another's almmost like art!






About the only item of interest on the way was the bridge crossing the Missouri river…..I’m always fond of suspension bridges. 




   We first made the packet pick-up and got the T-shirt.    Cheryl could not wait to try it on….  She looks so cute.  She had been calling it the “Beaver” run….which is also kind of cute… an innocent way.   Being a biologist,   The difference between a beaver and a groundhog are quite apparent.  

She likes the Mascot...Cheryl poses with her new shirtWith little else to do,   we wandered around the city for a while trying to kill some time before the hotel opened.   There was not much to do…..other than eat or go shopping.  Two things we do plenty of at home.   Being Saturday,  I was not pleased with fighting crowds in an unfamiliar city. 

waffle-house I wish we would have known the layout  of the city, because right next to the hotel…is a Waffle House!   Pecan Waffle is a must! We had to eat there! The World famous Pecan Waffle is to die for.   I know it is simple enough to make.   But the Official “DINER” experience brings back such fond memories back in the day when we would travel to Florida.    I’m kind of hoping we can catch it tomorrow morning as well.   We shall see as the race begins rather early.


She spots the Ziggy buried under all those fluffies The target of Cheryls claw!



After “Dinner”, We headed  back to the hotel for some Pool Therapy, ( i.e. HOT TUB!)  followed by video games!  They had several games in their little arcade that we just had to try.   Cheryl tried to score a ziggy…even though I tried to talk her out of it… After shelling out $50 for a Domo we never actually scored, we both came to the conclusion that these games NEVER pay out.   But a lesson not learned is worth repeating.  He face tells it all! thankfully we kept it to 50 cents this time around. 


better luck next time....Or never! Time to destroy the DeathStar!  Or at least die trying.



I was Busy trying to Destroy the Death Star!   I didn’t actually get very far…..and I think I killed Han Solo when he tried to save me.   Ah well.    I guess  I  should have used the Force.

I can still hear Chewy’s roar of terror….It will haunt me. 

Cheryl Peels out! Cheryl Flies through the air!







Next,  Cheryl takes out her aggression in the “Reckless Driving” game..Also known as a racing game.   I’m so glad she does not drive like this when we are behind the wheel of he Subie.   Hitting walls, flying, explosions, and peeling out…..

Cheryl catches on FIRE! Cheryl HITS A WALL!







I’m hoping she gets this out of her system before she has to drive back tomorrow….

Time for Ethan to take over driving! Finally,   Cheryl manages to finish without blowing the car up.







I took a stab at it as well….finishing 7th….then Cheryl tied me…..I guess she can drive back after all.

So that is about it.   After 5 hours of driving,  there is not much else to do than hit the showers and prepare for sleepy time before the race.   Cheryl needs her sleep after all.   Because, apparently,  she did not sleep much at all  last night.   I guess it must be the excitement.   I’m just thankful I do not have to exert any physical energy tomorrow.  I’ll be there snapping pictures and cheering her on.   Perhaps they will allow betting!  I guess it would make me look good if I was to bet on her…..but that might not be a wise investment for our limited funds.  We shall see.  

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