Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! From Minnesota’s Polar Dash…

the BIG sign So this year, we decided to make some changes.   There are many things, but one thing we are sure of is that Cheryl wants to embrace the “Runner Inside!”  Sounds like it is time to run a race! Minnesota-COLD1-01

After careful research,  She found one that starts on NEW YEARS DAY!    The it is in Minnesota.  Cold, dark, Viking  Infested….Minnesota.   Did I mention it is cold?   With a serious wind-chill!  

logo_grizzlywoodfiregrill_300x200 However,  The weather man said that it would be a “balmy” 23 degrees with hints of sunshine.  We decided to take a chance, risk life and Subaru to travel tot he far distant icy plains of the Twin Cities to take a first crack at this race.Fresh Chicken and ribs. just put on the spits!   And, while we are there, why not enjoy the same places we found pleasant the last time we were there. 

So we booked a room at the same hotel we visited on the last episode of “ICE TRUCKERS”  ( see the march blog post 2014) Luckily, the roads were dry and the weather pleasant…but still cold.   With Wind…..

 Cheryl and her Sweet Potato Fries! We enjoyed some food at the Grizzly Grill;   The Blue cheese and walnut that a grape?






Michigan beers?  In Minnesota?Enjoyed some Michigan beer that we failed to find on our Michigan Trip;a 1/2 grilled chicken for me....with Cheesy Hashbrowns  



The "Official" fleece



And Registered for the race. Back view Cheryl received her packet, along with her official Polar Dash Fleece and Hat.


 Checking herself out.  It's important to look fashionable while running. She simply HAD to do a fashion show with the items in our room. This hat over the Penquin with swiss miss braids  









On the shuttle bus to the race areaRace day ( Today! )    all the states represented   We got up early and made our way to the start point.   Other races were finishing, but the Polar Dash started at high noon. 

even someone from Alaska?   Not really that surprising.



And the Iowa runner with the banner she represents.




While waiting, we checked out the various states that were represented in the race.  Pretty cool that Alaska and Hawaii were both present….As well as Yours Truly…the Iowa Duo!

See, It's important to look good.




So the race began.   Some took it seriously,  others…not so much.  A snowman? I guess the main thing about this race is not so much the distance or the course, but the weather!   A Yeti? Lucky for us, the temps held out and even warmed a bit.   A considerable improvement over last year…from what I gather.A ghost?








 Cheryl waits in the start up lineCheryl managed to put in her best time ever for a 5K race. First contact!   Less than 100 m from the finish 





  She looks pretty good...She was in the top of her age group placing 24 out of 406 females.Here's the finish! 







82 out of 1478 women over all.    

A successful event comes to a close, With Cheryl securing the loot.A 20 year old female was the over all 1st place running it in just over 19 minutes.   Impressive!First person to finish.   Just over 19 minutes.








Malamutes.....Are these the Alaskan Representatives? It takes a unique individual to wear tiger stripes of this a public race. As for me,  I snapped pictures of dogs and oddities that events like this bring out in people.   I liked the penguin suits most people wore.   Some even worn Victoria Secret jammies and tiger stripes

Over all, It was a good time!   Even though I did not run, I felt quite happy to be the hidden eye behind the camera.  I am almost as excited as Cheryl to try this again in a different location.   And who knows?  Maybe a bike event might pop up that I can participate in and Cheryl can play camera man for me.  ( camera woman, perhaps?) We shall see.   Happy NEW YEAR EVERYONE!   Lets hope 2015 is a great year!

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