Friday, January 23, 2015

Bell’s Amber Ale. Another Michigan Beer?

   DSC_8262Hmm,  The two hearted Ale has such rave reviews that we thought Bell’s would kick out a bunch of these “champion beers”  So we thought we would give this one a try.   Now,  I have to admit, I thought the two hearted ale was just fine.  But I did not like the autumn ale very much.  DSC_8263It actually tasted like oak leaves.   Which is kind of cool…..if you like the “taste of fall”   However,  as for a beer,  I was not that impressed.

DSC_8261However,  I have always been fond of Amber Ales….as a rule mostly.  So why not see what else they have up their sleeve?

Well,  the color was nice,  the smell sweet, but the taste….hmmm.   Well,  not really bad, but not really one that leaves an impression.   I know this is purely subjective.   And everyone has a different preference with what they are looking for in a beer.   There was a note…Cheryl did not like it much….But I thought it was interesting. At least I did not find it offensive.   know-your-beer-flavors-infographic-chart-locale-magazine

It is difficult to put into words as beers struggle to find their place on everyone’s pallet.   I’m sure there are a number of people out there that would find this remarkable.   And then move on to sample another craft beer from another brewery.   In the end,  I thought that perhaps it might taste better with some different foods.   Perhaps the two hearted ale is a difficult act to follow.  Anyway,   for my two cents worth of opinion,  I’m thinking it is a fine beer, but there are better ones out there for the same price.   A vague review I’m sure.   I would still recommend giving it a go as you never know where your taste buds fall until you taste it yourself.  

10k-logo In the mean time,  We are preparing for the groundhog race by heading out early tomorrow morning.   I guess we will have to get our register stuff around noon to 2 pm.   Then we can head out and see the town…perhaps even step foot in Kansas one of the few states I have not yet been in.   I’m actually looking forward to it.   I’m hoping Cheryl will beat her record…which she set today as a matter of fact! trike She seems to be getting faster and it is getting easier to go even farther.   She would like to be able to do a true marathon by the end of June.  We shall see.   I’ll be there along side her….pedaling frantically!

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