Monday, January 19, 2015

Oh January! You’re Almost Over!

january-2015-calendar Look at the time!  The year has only JUST started and the first month is nearly over!    And I have only posted five postings so far this year.   I was hoping that I would be more diligent with my postings, but I guess if nothing happens for a week, then I have very little to say….Looking back over this week,  th87QVU0GX I guess we DID go to Minnesota to check out an apartment….in the event we wanted to move there.    IT was rather uneventful….The apartment was, to put it nicely, a DUMP that was way too expensive.  It has forced us to reevaluate the “moving out of Iowa” idea for another year. 

In the mean time,   act_prepwe have a run to prepare for and ACT to work for.   No!   The scoring gigs are not up…they have asked us to join them for a short project in the warehouse organizing th6EMJ083Xtests and shipping out exams.  comics-endlessorigami-writing-paper-497091   I’m actually a little fuzzy on the details, but we know several of our previous scoring colleagues have been doing it on and off between projects and say it is quite fun and easy.   Perhaps even better than the scoring as you do not have to qualify and read and evaluate endless essays.

As for the Run!   Groundhog-2015  Cheryl has entered the groundhog run in Kansas City, MO.  I guess it takes place underground…..all 10 kilometers!   I hope I will be allowed to join them down there.  I guess it is a huge mine/ underground storage facility that literally has miles of area to run around in.  tumblr_mzeuvmYfoU1rbuq6go1_1280 Hopefully I will not forget the camera this time and have some cool pictures to post later.   We shall see.   Hope everyone is enjoying the week so far.   It is raining here in Iowa at the moment and much of the snow has been slowly melting away.   I’m not sure what is better to run/bike in….the rain or the snow.   I’m guessing that the rain at least will not cause you to slip or bog down your bike.  But it will definitely get you wet and cold at this time of year…..that might not be a very comforting alternative 

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